Thinking, trading and developing differently while respecting the earth and Men? Yes, it is possible. The change starts today! If you want to take part in it, discover MADIVA Group and its philosophy.


MADIVA GROUP is an innovative company that combines ecological and ethical values.

Our project was born thanks to the fusion of two outstanding personalities:

Lanto Ramanantsoa, a young Malagasy woman concerned with highlighting the culture of her country through its local products, and Frédéric Martzolff, an Alsatian man passionate about meeting the needs of the German market as regards the supply of quality vanilla.

Indeed, it all started with the trade of spices and Bourbon Vanilla, but today, our vision is much broader.

Indeed, MADIVA is expanding its activities into sectors such as green energy production, logistics, financing and real estate, to support the country’s economic life and local entrepreneurs.

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